The Central Societies Committee (CSC) is the body responsible for student societies in Trinity College.

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Services Provided in the CSC Office for Society use

List of venues all rooms are booked via the Enquiries Office


CSC Office Services:

Computers & Printer

There are 11 PCs in the CSC for society use  which have Photoshop/Ind is installed for societies to design posters/booklets etc.

3 Black and White  printers available.




CSC email address are accessed on


ask Emma


There are 2 Black and White photocopiers for society business only. Each society has its own code.


Free calls may be made for society business from the CSC. Dial 9 for an outside line.  If you need to make an international call, ask Lucy or Emma to key in a code


We will post a certain amount of society letters for socs

Equipment Available to Borrow:

Meeting Rooms

 You can use the Eliz room 10 - 5 or a meeting room in the Atrium. email to book


in the CSC office. €100 deposit required.

Digital Projector 

 2 digital projectors. A €400 cheque deposit is required

Wine Glasses

Ask us if you wish to borrow glasses, €20 deposit required. You must wash them when you bring them back!


Speak to the relevant building attendants or Ms Sandra Fox,(Head of Facilities) to request the stand and they will see if you can be accommodated on the dates you require.

BAKESALES - Socs must apply to the Junior Dean for permission to use a stand for this.