The Central Societies Committee (CSC) is the body responsible for student societies in Trinity College.

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Trinity Investors is the society for any ambitious student. We offer unrivaled employment and networking opportunities with leading banking & finance firms such as IIFT, ICAP, and Goldman Sachs. Our famed guest speakers, recruitment drives and career workshops make us the premier society in Trinity. Join us this Freshers’ Week and give yourself the edge.

         Trinity’s Best Networking Events

Ø  Internship and Graduate Recruitment Drives

Ø  Industry Representatives and Networking Evenings

            Fantasy Investing Competitions

Ø Four Year Investor Challenge pits you against classmates on a real time fantasy trading platform over the course of your degree. Promoting sound diversification and risk management, this gives Trinity graduates the edge over other universities and the chance to win.

Ø Spread Trading Challenge kick starts the new calendar year with a three week day trading competition. A chance to win big coupled with seminars from Dublin’s top traders.



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Trinity Investors Society
Box 48
Regent House
Trinity College
Dublin 2