The Central Societies Committee (CSC) is the body responsible for student societies in Trinity College.

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Geographical Society

Established in 1961, the Dublin University Geographical Society (Trinity GeogSoc) is one of the most welcoming Societies in Trinity College.

Zoological Society

Now entering its 41st year, the Dublin University Zoological Society aims to promote interest and increase awareness in zoological matters among the staff and students of Trinity. This is achieved through a combination of talks, trips and many social events.

Animation Society

The Animation Society Trinity College Dublin, aims to expose its members to a variety of animation techniques.

Pharmaceutical Students Association (DUPSA)


The aims of the society are to stimulate interest in Biochemistry, and related disciplines and also to promote closer contact and co-operation between all students and staff who share that interest.

Trinity Musical Theatre Society

Meditation Society

The Meditation Society aims to assist with the emotional and spiritual development of College students and staff by teaching the ‘mindfulness’ of breathing’ and ‘cultivation of loving kindness’ meditation practices.

Trinity Arts Festival (TAF)

Trinity Arts Festival (TAF) is a celebration of the creative arts within the student community. The goal of the festival is to highlight and cultivate the creative dimension of the student community, drawing on the talent already existent within the arts-based student societies.

Archaeological Society

DU Archaeological Society is open to all students whether you’re studying archaeology or you just really like Vikings.

Mature Students Society

The Mature Students Society is open to all registered students and members of staff in Trinity College. Since its founding in 1982, the society has grown in both numbers and confidence.

French Society

TCD French Soc is devoted to spreading appreciation for French language and culture throughout Trinity.

Fine Gael

Trinity Young Fine Gael strives to make politics relevant to young people, offering a forum to discuss policy while meeting great people. While supporting the leading government party, YFG is an autonomous organization pushing policies that are important to young people.

Christian Union

Trinity College Christian Union ( TCDCU) is a community of students who all share a belief in Jesus and take him to be their saviour and Lord

Pool Society

We're a group of fun loving guys and girls who share a common love of Pool. We run plenty of events throughout the year and our facebook page is your first place for updates.

Arabesque Society

Italian Society

The Society welcomes all TCD students and staff who share an interest in Italian culture.

Physical Society

Physoc (physics society) is a society for those with a passion for physics.


At Suas, you can get involved in educational development on the front lines.


The Voluntary Tuition Programme is a partnership between Trinity students, parents and volunteers from the local communities of Pearse Street and Ringsend.

Business and Economics Society (DUBES)

Dublin University Business and Economics Society ( DUBES)

Alternative Music Society (DUAMS)

This is Trinity’s society for modern, alternative and rock music.

Indian Society

The society aims in charming its members by showcasing the culture of India. Hence events such as food nights, screening Bollywood movies, celebrating Indian festivals and many more will be organized.

Microbiological Society

Founded in 1976 to review conceptual and technological advances in diverse areas of microbiology, mycology, virology and biotechnology.

Digital Arts Society

Digital Arts is a diverse area which incorporates aspects of music, film, and the visual arts.

Fianna Fáil (Wolfe Tone Cumann)

Cumann Theobald Wolfe Tone provides a welcoming atmosphere in which students can discuss political issues and campaign on the matters that they care about.

Jewish Society

The Jewish society serves as the voice of the Jewish community at TCD and contributes to a greater understanding of Jewish life, tradition and culture on campus, including the contemporary situation.

Music Society

DU Music was founded in 1953 and has, since then, provided Trinity with the best musical resources and a vibrant and open place to share ideas and develop a real love for all genres of music.

Werner Chemical Society

The Werner Chemical Society has been instrumental in encouraging and maintaining interest in the Chemical Sciences within College.

Genetical Society

The TCD Genetical Society is for people interested in new and exciting developments in genetics that have either a scientific or social significance.

Amnesty (DU)

Dublin University Amnesty International is Trinity's branch of the world's largest grassroots human rights organisation. Amnesty International campaigns for the release of prisoners of conscience and urges authorities to respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Computer Science Society (DUCSS)

Hispanic Society

Literary Society

The Literary Society brings together aspiring writers of all kinds and caters to all those interested in literature.

Jazz Society

Fancy yourself as the next Miles Davis…?

Science Fiction (Sci Fi)

At Sci-fi we want our members to feel welcome and experience the best our medium has to offer.

Politics Society

Trinity’s Politics Society has a long and established history as a society at the heart of current political issues.

Japanese Society

The Japanese Society aims to provide the opportunity for TCD students to get to know more about the Japanese culture.

Socialist Workers Student Society (SWSS)

The Socialist Worker Student Society (SWSS) is an anti-capitalist society committed to Marxism and revolutionary socialism.

Modern Languages Society

The Modern Languages’ Society allows Trinity students to participate in language-oriented and foreign culture events, including weekly classes in various languages at several levels.

Yoga Society

Trinity Yoga Soc acts as an exciting source of fitness and relaxation providing students with a unique way of finding a balanced existence in today's world filled with deadlines and stress. 6 weekly classes are given by qualified yoga teachers at affordable prices, with a particular focus on Hatha yoga. Joining this society offers a great opportunity to get to know fellow students, encouraged by various social events organized throughout the year, such as our annual retreat. All levels are welcome.

Central Societies Committee

The Central Societies Committee (CSC) is the body responsible for student societies in Trinity College

Q Soc - Trinity LGBT

Q Soc is Ireland's oldest LGBT society and the largest of the LGBT student societies in Ireland. It traces its beginnings to the Sexual Liberation Movement, formed by a core group of courageous pioneers in 1973, amongst them a young lecturer from the English Department by the name of David Norris. In 1983 the Central Societies Committee granted formal recognition to the- then named - Dublin University Gay Society. For four decades we have provided a safe space, fun social outlet and engaging activism initiative for queer members of the College community and their supporters.

Trinity Global Development Society

Our aim is to provide interesting speakers, screenings and workshops in the hope of raising awareness of issues relating to international development and global justice.

Trinity TV

Trinity TV is the College’s online student-run television channel.

Free Legal Advice Centre (FLAC)

Trinity FLAC aims to promote the principles of social justice and human rights through its activities.

Film Society

The DU Film Society is the place to go for all things film in Trinity.


Trinity Investors is the society for any ambitious student. We offer unrivaled employment and networking opportunities with leading banking & finance firms such as IIFT, ICAP, and Goldman Sachs. Our famed guest speakers, recruitment drives and career workshops make us the premier society in Trinity. Join us this Freshers’ Week and give yourself the edge.

Horse Racing Society

Trinity College Horse Racing Society is one Trinity's most exciting societies.

Singers Society

The society is made up of four choirs; Trinity Singers, Boydell Singers, Trinitones and Trinity Belles.

Engineering Society

DU Engineering Society was founded in 1866, and has since been an active society in Trinity College Dublin. Open to all students of Trinity College our aims are to help students on an academic and social level.

Architectural Society

TCD Architectural Society, or ArcSoc to be snazzy, is college's newly founded arena for all those interested in anything architectural, whether that means reading Vitruvius or sitting indoors with a cup of tea.

Trinity Social Democrats

Trinity Social Democrats is part of a brand new political movement in Ireland.

Quiz Society

The DU Quiz Society (Quiz Soc) is one of Trinity's newest societies.


Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that envelopes a cultural blend of music, acrobatics and martial arts. The society provides regular capoeira classes on campus.

Society for International Affairs (SoFIA)

Trinity's Best New Society 2013/14 aims to connect those interested in foreign affairs and diplomacy. We have weekly events hosting fascinating guest speakers, networking events, discussions and MUNs.


The Trinity Labour Society is a branch of the Labour Party and aims to promote Socialism on campus. It enables students to become politically active in the furtherance of "Community", "Freedom", “Equality” and "Democracy"

Traditional Irish Music

This Society promotes Irish traditional music in the College.

Clinical Therapies

History Society

DU History Society, currently in its 83rd session, is a society run for the benefit of students interested in or studying history. DU History Society mixes academic lectures with social events, making it a friendly, engaging and informative society to be involved in.

Joly Geological Society

The Joly, the College’s geological society, aims to inspire and enlighten its members in the nature of Earth’s formation. Blending topical relaxed talks with numerous social events and trips around Ireland, members gain insight into the workings of our dynamic planet.

South East Asian Society (DUSEAS)

DUSEAS Experience how the tantalizing flavours of sweet and sour, hot and spicy alma gate into a traditional Southeast Asian meal with us.

Food & Drink

The Society aims to foster knowledge and appreciation of all forms of food and to arrange classes, tastings, lectures etc. to this end.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The Muslim Student Association was formed to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the diverse College communities.

Student to Student Network (S2S)

Student 2 Student (S2S) offers mentors to every incoming first year as well as a Peer Support service to all Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in the college.

Korean Society

The Korean Society intends to ride the hallyu wave and share a passion for Korean culture with all Trinity students.

Laurentian Society

The Dublin University Laurentian society aims to provide a platform for the discussion of various different cultural, historical and societal issues from a Catholic perspective

Classical Society

The College Classical Society is the place for all those interested in the classical worlds of Greece & Rome, whether that means reading Homer or watching 300.

Comedy Society

Dublin University Comedy Society is the student run Comedy Society for Trinity College Dublin. The society's aim is to foster an appreciation for all things comic.


Cards & Bridge

Trinity Cards Society is the home of Poker, Bridge and other playing card games in College. We offer a friendly and competitive atmosphere to players of all levels to come play and learn at our weekly games.

Environment Society

The Trinity College Environment Society is TCD's student environmental group.

Entrepreneurial (TES)

Trinity Entrepreneurial Society (aka TES) is the largest business and careers focused society on campus.

Choral Society

Founded in 1837, the Choral Society is Trinity’s oldest and largest choir and offers its members the opportunity to participate in the performance of large-scale choral works accompanied by a full orchestra under the baton of our professional conductor, Mr David Leigh.

Photography (DUPA)

Established in 1948, the Photography Association offers members the opportunity to improve their photography skills, while providing a forum for exhibiting their work.

Law Society (TCD Law Soc)

One of the largest societies on campus, the Law Soc is renowned for throwing the biggest balls and parties in all of Trinity, including Law Ball, Swing Ball, and the infamous Masquerave.

International Student Society

The Society was founded in 1984 to promote communication between the Irish students of Trinity College and those coming from abroad.

Metaphysical Society

The Metaphysical Society (or Metafizz) is the "real philosophical society" of the College.

Neuroscience Society

The Neuroscience society aims to bring together students and staff who have an interest in neuroscience and the brain.

Caledonian Society

The Caledonian Society strives to promote Scottish culture within Trinity College Dublin.

Botany Society

The Botany society aims to further interest in Botany and to promote Environmental awareness amongst the student population by organising lectures, talks, discussions, walks, film showings, field trips and other related events.


DU Players is one of the oldest and most prolific student drama societies in Europe.

Trinity Sinn Féin

The Uí Chadhain/ Tone Sinn Féin cumann, Trinity College is the Trinity College branch affiliated to Sinn Féin. We are an activist political party dedicated to ending partition and obtaining a thirty two county socialist republic.

Chapel Choir

The Chapel Choir sings at two services per week in the College Chapel, presenting liturgical music in its intended context.

Dance Society

Whether you want to keep fit, meet new people or just have fun, dancing is the way to go!

Sociology Society

SocSoc is Trinity's one stop shop for all things Sociological

Philosophical Society (TCD Phil)

The University Philosophical Society, (aka The Phil), is Trinity College’s premier student society. Founded in the 17th century, initially as a paper-reading society for the “discourse of philosophy, mathematics, and other polite literature”, the society has since evolved to incorporate a wider range of activities in modern times.

Trinity F.M.

Trinity’s student radio station was originally created in 1998 as a joint venture between a few enthusiasts and the SU Ents Officer.

Trinity Economic Forum (TEF)

TEF is Ireland’s first student-led economic forum.

Hiking Society

Trinity Hiking a popular and ever-growing society. We organise daytrips every Sunday to the Wicklow or Dublin mountains.

Cancer Society

TCD Cancer Society is one of Trinity’s most lively and proactive societies within the student body.

Psychology Society

The aims of the Psychology Society are to promote the field of psychology within College and to demonstrate the subject’s importance and relevance to everyday life.

College Historical Society (HIST)

'The Hist is the longest established student organisation in Trinity College Dublin and the oldest student society in the world. The Society first met on Wednesday, 21st of March 1770, thirteen students meeting in the Senior Common Room, and since then has seen great Irish figures such as Wolfe Tone, Robert Emmet, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Ernest Walton, Douglas Hyde and Mary Robinson become members.

Gamers Society

Trinity Gamers is dedicated to the enjoyment of all games, including board games, war games, role-playing games and card games.

General Science Society

The General Science Society is welcoming to everyone who has an interest in any type of science, whether you study it in college, studied it in school or just like hearing some fun facts

Knitting Society

The Knitting Society aims to promote, share and teach knitting and other yarn crafts.

Pirate Party

The DU Pirate Party is a society political in nature, driven by the belief that civil liberties and personal freedoms should take precedence over private and corporate interests.

Internet (Netsoc)

Netsoc is Dublin University Internet Society, and is devoted to all things ‘internet’.

Biological Association

Biosoc (short for Dublin University Biological Association) is Trinity's medical society. Founded in 1874, we encourage interest in medicine and healthcare within College, and increase the interaction between students of medicine and other medical sciences and the wider community.

Sign Language Society

Founded in September 1999, the Dublin University Sign Language Society actively promotes deaf awareness and Irish Sign Language (ISL) in Trinity.

AIESEC Trinity

AIESEC Trinity is the society for any student that wants to gain employable skills and stand out from the crowd.

Student Managed Fund (SMF)

Managing over €55,000 of real money, Trinity Student Managed Fund is Europe’s first investment fund that is run entirely by students.

Chinese Society

The Chinese society host events that are designed to help Chinese students integrate with other students of other nationalities, and vice versa.

Management Science Society DUMSS

This bright society plans events for its members such as guest speakers, race nights, karaoke nights, networking nights, "team-building" trips away, sports leagues, trading games and lots, lots more.

Mathematical Society

The Dublin University Mathematical Society runs weekly events for anyone with an interest in mathematics.

European Law Students Association (ELSA)

ELSA aims to establish lasting contacts amongst young lawyers and law students within ELSA Ireland through an educational and social association.

Vincent de Paul

The VDP is Trinity's largest charity society, and home to some of college's friendliest folk.

Visual Arts Society

The Visual Arts Society aims to broaden awareness of and participation in Ireland’s vibrant and dynamic visual arts scene.

Russian Society

Russian Society was founded to help people understand the aspects of culture and traditions of the country, to learn more about the people and the ways of Russia.

Trinity Orchestra

The university's orchestra is Ireland’s only fully student run orchestra. We are a predominantly classical ensemble, bringing together some of the most talented young musicians in Ireland, all of whom are students or staff of the college. The orchestra displays a high standard of musicianship and has always been very ambitious in its musical undertakings.

Juggling & Circus Skills Society

Trinity's own circus. We train at drop-in sessions, every Tuesday from 7-10 in Goldsmith Hall.

Theological Society (Theo)

Theo (College Theological Society), based in the GMB, is one of Trinity College's oldest societies. It regularly holds guest lectures and informal talks on a wide variety of topics, as well as social events, such as parties and film nights, providing a fun and relaxed environment for members to enjoy.

Trinity Arts Workshop (TAW)

Fashion Society

The recently formed fashion society hopes to provide an outlet for fashion minded ladies and gents throughout Trinity from front arch to the Hamilton.

Europa Society

In light of the fact that Europe is a constantly changing entity, this society aims to generate interest in where Europe is going and why, and to provide a forum for all students and staff to engage in debate regarding European issues.

Chess Club

The Chess Club caters for all levels of players and those who want to learn more about the game.


The Afro-Caribbean Society aims to promote diversity on campus and to facilitate a forum for education about African and Caribbean cultures. The society welcomes all nationalities.

Gender Equality Society

The society aims to promote awareness of gender-related issues.

Germanic Society

The Germanic Society aims to kindle and encourage a love of German culture, and the cultures of other German-speaking European countries, to run cultural events, and to provide a meeting space for Trinity staff and students from or interested in German-speaking Europe

Cumann Gaelach

The aim of the Cumann Gaelach is to promote the Irish language and culture within the College. The aim of the Cumann Gaelach is to promote the Irish language and culture within the College, in order to allow students to maintain an interest and ability in the language after finishing their secondary education.

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