Society Awards

The Central Societies Committee, Society of the Year Awards 2024 took place 12th March. Come back soon for pictures and a list of the winners!

A link to purchase tickets will be sent to all recognised societies at 12 noon on 26th Feb - check your society email on the day!


Nominations for the Society of the Year award 2024 have opened and will close on 4th March!

Each Society may make one nomination for each category. You must use your email address to access the forms. Click the 'Nominate' link next to a category to access the form.


  1. Best Society (Nominate)
  2. Best Individual (Nominate)
  3. Best Fresher (Nominate)
  4. Best Society Event (Nominate)
  5. Best Collaborative Event (Nominate)
  6. Best Multi-Day Event (Nominate)
  7. Best Poster (Nominate)
  8. Best Society Publication (Nominate)
  9. Best Online Presence (Nominate)
  10. Sustainability Award (Nominate)
  11. Best Society Trip (Nominate)
  12. Disability Inclusion Award (Nominate)