What is the CSC?

The Central Societies Committee is a student led organisation which takes care of and looks after societies - think of us almost like a ‘Societies’ Union’ - it was established in 1970. The CSC is the governing body of societies, we represent their interests in dealings with the College authorities and we are the sole body on campus with the power to grant recognition to societies. Every year a new Executive Committee is elected to carry out the Committee’s activities and by electing them the Committee delegates its duties and powers to that Exec.

What does the CSC Executive do?

The Executive is made up of the CSC Student Officers, plus 8 ordinary members elected by the Treasurers of currently recognised societies. The Executive’s job is to run the CSC day-to-day, making decisions on grant applications, recognition of new societies, and other matters.

Duties of Society Officers to the CSC

Elected officers, have a duty of care to your society, but you also have certain responsibilities towards the CSC. The officer positions are: The Chairperson, The Treasurer, The Secretary and The Amenities Officer.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with regards to running your society, please either call into the office or email us and we will try to fix the problem together.